I’ve been really happy this past week because one of my best friends came to stay with me in Nymburk. Whenever we get together we always do a lot of activities, so here… Continue reading

Love and Basketball in the Czech Republic

Nymburk City Angels Last week I had what can only be described as a love and basketball moment. First let me back track.  One of my students asked if I could play on… Continue reading

Fun with Czech Friends

In my previous post I said that London would be my last international trip, however last weekend I went to visit my friend Katka in Poland. That’s one of the great things about… Continue reading

Welcome to London

A few weeks ago I took my last international trip. I went back to an old favorite – London. Something about that city  makes me so happy. After living in a non-English speaking… Continue reading

Springtime in Nymburk

The great thing about having a long winter is that you truly appreciate the beginning of spring. The last few weeks I have experienced not only an increase in temperatures, but also an increase… Continue reading

Birthday at the Brewery

Last Thursday I turned 23 and experienced my first birthday abroad. After 6 months of winter, we had 80 degree weather for the first time since September – a good omen. There is something about having… Continue reading

Asha, where have you been?

I’ve been to an Artmosphere Concert. For the last few months I have been helping a Czech band translate songs into English. In March I got to see them in concert and it was… Continue reading

Skiing in the Czech Mountains

“Hermione was going skiing with her parents, something that greatly amused Ron, who had never before heard of Muggles strapping narrow strips of wood to their feet to slide down mountains.”- J.K. Rowling… Continue reading

I’ve Found my Smile Again

Slovakia Earlier this month I had the opportunity to go to Piestany, Slovakia for a Fulbright mid-year conference. As with most conferences, this was a great opportunity to network and learn about the… Continue reading

Halfway through, but nowhere near halfway done

In the last month I have attended three balls. Yes, balls. At my school (and at schools across the Czech Republic), the graduating classes have a final ball called Maturita Ples which literally… Continue reading

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