Halloween in Berlin

It’s been awhile I know. Between planning for classes, shopping for my Halloween costume, and learning Czech I’ve become quite busy here in Nymburk. Last week we had a 2-day holiday in the Czech Republic so I decided to go to Berlin for the weekend. I met up with a few of the other Fulbrighters and we had a great time exploring the artsy and historical city.

We spent most of the first day sightseeing. We went to all the famous sights – the Berlin wall, Checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg Gate, Reichtag Building, Holocaust Memorial, as well as Museum Island. We visited 3 museums, and all of them had a unique and distinctive feel. I think one of the biggest highlights for me was when I saw the bust of Nefertiti,  the royal wife of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten. I vaguely remember a replica lying around the Gipson household growing up, so it was really cool to see it in person.

The East Side Gallery – Berlin Wall

Brandenburg Gate

Checkpoint Charlie

At the Berlin Wall

After a tiring and eventful day sightseeing, we rested up a bit before we sampled some of Berlin’s nightlife. We headed to the area around Warschauer Straße. When we got off the metro it was pretty clear that we were in the place to be on a Friday night. Originally we were going to  go to this one club, but they were having a Punk rock show and none of us get down like that. We ended up at this bar that was playing hip-hop and was apparently pretty hipster. Anyways, I loved it and had a great time people watching.

Artwork on wall of the hipster bar.

The next day we finished up seeing the sights and rested up a bit for Halloween in Berlin. Okay so I was a zebra/ Zebstrika (a Pokémon). As some of you may know, my friends from high school and I always do homemade group costumes for Halloween. This year the theme was Pokemon. It’s pretty had to make your costume abroad because the selection is just not the same, and there is no Michael’s to get supplies. I wanted to do something funky with my makeup but that turned out to be a disaster, my ears apparently looked like cat ears, and my nail polish was pretty messed up. That being said, I still think I pulled off a Zebraesque look so I’m happy. Club was pretty fun too AND it was free if you were in costume. Ya’ll know my motto – if it’s free it’s for me. All in all a very successful weekend. In terms of cities, its one of my favorite cities that I have visited so far. I definitely think that I will go back.


Oh and guess what. It snowed. Not even November and it’s snowing in Nymburk! Thankfully it was only for one day but still, how crazy is that?

Summer Days

Fall Days

Winter Days

This weekend, I decided to stay home for some much-needed R&R. However, it has been a productive Saturday morning already. I voted (via fax), planned my winter holiday with my sister (Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Prague), tried a new curry chicken recipe, and caught up on blogging. BOOM! All is well :]

Modeling the latest in winter wear.