Fun with Czech Friends

In my previous post I said that London would be my last international trip, however last weekend I went to visit my friend Katka in Poland. That’s one of the great things about living in Europe, international travel is just a train ride away. Katka lives in a small town closed to the Czech border so it only took about 3 hours to get to her from where I live. She is studying international business accounting or something fancy like that. Last year she was studying in CR, this year she is in Poland, and next year she will be in Germany. Oh and she can speak 5 language! I’m really jealous because I’m currently hovering around the 2 languages mark. Anyways I had a lovely time in Poland with her.


View of Jelenia Gora. Somewhere in the distance is Sněžka, the highest mountain in the Czech Republic.


Polish Gulas wrapped in a huge potato pancake. 400 grams of food = wayy too much food!


Roller coaster, Polish style. Basically we had to steer and brake ourselves…


View from the roller coaster car. Going up!


Went to a basketball game :] Oh how I love watching this sport!


After the tournament they had a slam dunk contest and a three-point shoot-out contest. The winner did a really sick dunk (not shown here).


Beautiful church in Katka’s town.


Polish dish – warmed up cheese and cranberries. A little bit salty but pretty good.


Went to see Wielki Gatsby (The Great Gatsby). It was so good, I loved the music, the costumes and the cinematography.

This weekend was Katka’s birthday so we all got together to celebrate in Nymburk. First we went to the same pub I went to for my birthday and had a few drinks. I like this pub because it’s very easy to have a conversation here since it’s not too loud or crowded. Afterwards we were supposed to go to another party but they were charging the Czech equivalent of 4 dollars, which is a really expensive cover in Nymburk so we went to another pub/dance club instead. We ended up talking and dancing the night away. I hope she had a really great time!


The birthday girl!


The girls and I at Mexicana

It’s hard to believe that I have less than a month left, but I know that I will always remember these girls and the good times we have shared. I hope that we meet again and that they know that they always have a place to stay in NY!