Love and Basketball in the Czech Republic

Nymburk City Angels

Last week I had what can only be described as a love and basketball moment. First let me back track.  One of my students asked if I could play on their Christian Fellowship basketball team because they need more adults. Since I am Christian and I do like basketball I thought it would be fun. That’s how I ended up playing for the Nymburk City Angels a team made up was mostly of my students and their parents.


Nymburk City Angels

My Love & Basketball moment came right before the game. You know that scene where Monica is playing in Barcelona and her coach is giving a pregame talk in Spanish? Well pretty much that’s what happened to me. We were all standing in a circle listening to our coach’s game plan and basically all I hear is “Czech , Czech , Czech , Asho, Asho, Asho, Czech, Czech, Czech. ” Afterwards my student turns to me and says that the plan is to give the ball to me since I’m quick and their best player. I didn’t know what to say! I’ve always been more of a support player than a leading scorer. Unfortunately the game didn’t go so well. While we were a Christian team playing for fun, our opponents were 6 foot plus men who didn’t think twice about stealing the ball from a 14 year old girl or blocking my shot from behind. Oh well, it was a lot of fun anyways. Afterwards both teams went out to dinner to celebrate, so their was no hard feelings.


I have to admit that I was pretty tired when we played the team from Prague because earlier that day, I  played with the teachers in three Streetball games at my school.  Streetball  is basketball played on the half court. At my school it’s played 3 against 3 for 20 minutes or up to 20 points. All of our matches were against our students. We won a few games, lost a few games, and still have a few more games to play. Usually the professors are in the top 4, but I’m not so sure we’ll make it this year, the students have really stepped their game up. I enjoy watching basketball just as much as I enjoy playing it so I don’t mind sitting out the final round. Besides, it beats watching the Heat and Spurs play each other #lakers #thunder.



Top scorer!

Top scorer against team your mama!

Basketball Benefit

This week I was also the “VIP host” for a charity basketball match to sponsor a kid from Kenya who loves basketball. In reality I was more like bench support/photographer, but it was fun anyways. I was supposed to play as well but I decided to let Alexis play for me since she travels internationally to play basketball and all. Her teammates were the teachers from the school next door and they played against their students. It was a really exciting match because Team teachers (+ Alexis)  won by 1 point! It was really fun and we raised a lot of money for a good cause so that’s the most important thing.


My role of photographer put to good use!

photo (24)

#12: Alexis (USA) and Bench Support: Asha (USA)