I’ve been really happy this past week because one of my best friends came to stay with me in Nymburk. Whenever we get together we always do a lot of activities, so here is our week in pictures. Enjoy!

Day 1: Alexis arrives to Prague and I go pick her up at the airport. Seeing each other for the first time after 10 months was so magical. When I saw her, I literally ran off the bus, dodged 3 taxis, and jumped into her arms. asdfasdfasdf ah! So excited! So after our reunion we took the bus into the city, dropped her stuff off at the train station, and went out to explore Prague. First stop was Bohemia Bagel then I took her around to the major sites. Unfortunately because of the flooding Charles bridge and a lot of the smaller bridges were closed, so it was difficult to get back over the Vltava. I love playing tourist in Prague, especially when you have someone from home to share it with.

IMG_2823 IMG_2848 IMG_2851 IMG_2813

Day 2: Pretty laid-back day. I don’t work on Mondays so we relaxed at home. Also Alexis was pretty tired because she had stayed up all night to make her flight to Prague so I let her sleep for as long as she needed to. After dinner we decided to have a photo shoot so we headed to the river to take some pics! I always love to dress up with Alexis because she always does my makeup and it always looks bomb. Our photo shoot had a theme. Can you guess it?

Day 3: I brought Alexis to school with me and had my kids ask her “interesting” questions. The first question she got was “How do you feel about global warming?” It was really funny because I think the question caught her off guard. She ended up talking about how reducing your carbon footprint is important to my 3rd year English learners. Needless to say I had to simplify her first response. However she was able to answer questions about her amount of tooth decay, USA nail polish design, and her chocolate bar preferences (snickers or twix) without too much difficulty. I was glad I asked the kids to come up with interesting questions because I learned new things about her as well. For example, Kobe Bryant is NOT her favorite player like I thought (Reggie Miller is) and she has been to every continent except for Antarctica. After class we went for some svíčková (marinated roast beef) at the restaurant by the water tower.

IMG_2928 IMG_2929

Day 4: Again I had my students ask Alexis questions and we also played some games in class. After school we borrowed bikes from my mentor and I took her to Poděbrady, a nearby spa town about 10km away. We are both trying to practice our spanish so for the 3 hour bike ride we talked only in espanol. We got so many weird looks especially when we stopped for a beer at the halfway mark but it was worth it. After all, practice makes perfect. As we were riding back to Nymburk I said  “cortos pantalones” and a woman roller blading in the opposite direction calls after me “pantalones cortos” which is the correct grammar structure. It was too funny because we were under the impression that no one could understand us guess I have to be careful, even in the Czech Republic.

IMG_2938 IMG_2955 IMG_2947

Day 5: Pretty relaxing day at school for me because once again Alexis was the star of the show, we played some games in English and in PE, Alexis took over. She played steal the bacon with the kids and it was so fun to watch my 12/13 year old girls run up and down the court. Afterwards they were too tired for anything else so they asked her questions. Our last lesson was cancelled so we headed to the gym to shoot around. Well Alexis shot around, I worked on being her muse for her next portrait of me (you can see some of her artwork here). After her workout, we went to Prague for dinner and she had gulas for the first time….mhmmm.



Day 6: No classes today on account of the charity basketball match. Read this post for more details on that event. That afternoon we went to watch the Streetball tournament. At this point the weather wasn’t ideal so we headed home and watched House of Cards. Sooo good, cannot wait for the next season to come out. Afterwards we went to my favorite restaurant and had gulas again. We also decided that it was time for another photo shoot but unfortunately we had some technical difficulties so we didn’t stay out too long.

IMG_0011photo (22)IMG_0044

Day 7: We started off the day with chicken schnitzel before heading to the brewery for their summer festival (Just my schnitzel baby, just my schnitzel). It was pretty hot and the mullets where out in full effect, but the beer was really good. We tried a dark Chocolate flavored one that was delicious. Next we went to what can only be described at the Czech version of Cochella. For those of you who don’t know what Cochella is, it is a weekend music festival held out in the middle of nowhere with really famous bands and artists. That is exactly what Coczecha was like except the famous bands were famous Czech bands. We basically spent 8+ hours drinking beer, eating sausages, going on roller coasters, playing games, taking pictures of clouds, listening to Czech music, and making new friends. Luckily Katka was also going so she got us tickets and her mom (my Czech teacher) took us there and back. Cheaaah!

photo (35)

Family of Mullets

photo (29)

With our new friend Viktor who hooked us up with free drinks

photo (32)

double fisting


oh hayyyy

Day 8: After Coczecha we took it easy all day. We basically spent the day watching romantic comedies on Netflix and relaxing at home. We did however venture out for some svíčková and some snickers ice cream.

photo (20)

Braiding Alexis’ hurr

Day 9: I swear the Czech Republic has some nerve. After 7 months of winter the CR wants to forget about spring and go straight to summer and 86 degree weather! Anyways on Alexis’ last day in Nymburk we went for a walk along the river and I took her to the sport center where the professional team plays. We also got more ice cream and she ate her last meal in the CR.  It was really sad to see her go, but I know that in two short weeks I’ll see her again.